Have paper, a pen or pencil and some simple drawing materials ready.
As an alternative you can also use the online drawing tool that we offer
you later in the exercise.


  • 53 symbol cards to choose from to strengthen yourself
  • Discover your own image
  • Drawing or sketching
  • Advice and suggestions
  • Implement and apply in daily life

Important notice:

This exercise, in all its parts, should be done in a state of relaxation.

If for some reason stress, disturbing emotions, images or physical sen-sations emerge, which take you out of balance, stop the exercise and try to relax again before continuing.

If you are unable to do the exercise in a relaxed way, stop the exercise altogether. It is advisable to ask for help from a therapist or counselor.

About privacy:

This is a privacy-proof exercise; if you participate, nothing is recorded.

No rights can be derived from the use of this online imagery tool